ceph – how do disable mclock scheduler

After more than 4 years of development, mclock is the default scheduler for ceph quincy (version 17).
If you don’t want to use the scheduler, you can disable it with the option osd_op_queue.

WPQ was the default before Ceph Quincy and the change requires a restart of the OSDs.




Fix CephFS Filesystem Read-Only

After a reboot of the MDS Server it can happen that the CephFS Filesystem becomes read-only:

HEALTH_WARN 1 MDSs are read only
[WRN] MDS_READ_ONLY: 1 MDSs are read only
    mds.XXX(mds.0): MDS in read-only mode

In the MDS log you will find following entry

log_channel(cluster) log [ERR] : failed to commit dir 0x1 object, errno -22
mds.0.11963 unhandled write error (22) Invalid argument, force readonly...
mds.0.cache force file system read-only
log_channel(cluster) log [WRN] : force file system read-only
mds.0.server force_clients_readonly

This is a known upstream issue thought the fix is still not merged

As a workaround you can use following steps:

ceph config set mds mds_dir_max_commit_size 80
ceph fs fail <fs_name>
ceph fs set <fs_name> joinable true

If not successful you may need to increase the mds_dir_max_commit_size, e.g. to 160

ceph Quincy release with bugfix for PGLog dups

Our bugfix from earlier this year was published in the ceph quincy release 17.2.4.

Trimming of PGLog dups is now controlled by size instead of the version. This fixes the PGLog inflation issue that was happening when online (in OSD) trimming jammed after a PG split operation. Also, a new offline mechanism has been added: ceph-objectstore-tool now has a trim-pg-log-dups op that targets situations where an OSD is unable to boot due to those inflated dups. If that is the case, in OSD logs the “You can be hit by THE DUPS BUG” warning will be visible. Relevant tracker: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/53729

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ceph osd set-group

If you don’t want to set flags for the whole cluster, like noout or noup. Then you can also use ceph osd set-group and ceph osd unset-group to set the appropriate flag for a group of osds or even whole hosts.

ceph osd set-group <flags> <who>
ceph osd unset-group <flags> <who>

for example set noout for a whole host with osds

ceph osd set-group noout clyso-ceph-node3
root@clyso-ceph-node1:~# ceph health detail
HEALTH_WARN 1 OSDs or CRUSH {nodes, device-classes} have {NOUP,NODOWN,NOIN,NOOUT} flags set
[WRN] OSD_FLAGS: 1 OSDs or CRUSH {nodes, device-classes} have {NOUP,NODOWN,NOIN,NOOUT} flags set
    host clyso-ceph-node3 has flags noout
ceph osd unset-group noout clyso-ceph-node3
root@clyso-ceph-node1:~# ceph health detail