PREMIUM Ceph Consulting

Ceph is the storage solution of the future, available today.

Scalable as you want. Several hundert gigabyte up to petabyte sector.

Ceph owns the technical capability to grow in future to exabyte.

We have the answer to high demands on storage capacity which come across Industrie 4.0, Internet of Things and Big Data.

Use Ceph as a flexible and powerful Backend for your Cloud (Openstack, CloudStack, Opennebula) or for microservices with Kubernetes and Docker.

From 5 to 100 – step by step – scale up as required with a small setup

Ceph is the opportunity. We have the experience.

An initial Ceph Cluster of e.g. 5 Ceph Nodes in an productive state and without maintenance window can be scale up to more than +100 Ceph Nodes.

Currently the tallest Ceph Cluster at our portfolio are:


ceph nodes

+16 PB

ceph capacity


ceph osds

Requirements and aim definitions

Recognize essentials and define specific customer requirements for usage

  • Availability
  • Direction to sustainability
  • Possible scaling
  • Necessary data security
  • Requirements of IT security
  • Redundancy of necessary systems ( e.g. network, electricity )

Ceph Clusters – concept and architecture

Based on customer requirements we identify technical user profiles and align all components on it.

  • Interfaces
  • Sizing of the Ceph Nodes and Clusters
  • Desaster Recovery / Backup Strategie
  • Planning of Implementation
  • Migration process

Consulting on the level of Hardware

Definition and specification of

  • Location
  • Technology and architecture
  • Hardware storage 
  • Network requirements
  • Infrastructure demands

Obtaining and selecting offers from the most suitable producer

  • No Vendor Lock
  • Best price performance ratio
  • Risk of failure minimization
  • High maintenance and warrant
  • Availability und Delivery
  • Sustainability and Flexibility



  • Update of all hardware components
  • Installation of the operating system
  • Test of Essential functions and performance

Software Defined Storage (SDS)

  • Installation and configuration
  • Introduction or Integration
  • Acceptance test of each single software components 
  • Function and performance test of the entire solution
  • Test of longterm and BurnIn

Documentation, handover / operation of the solution

The finale handover of the Software Defined Storage solution contains a documentation of the entire installation and configuration process with all parameters as well as the results of the functions and performance tests.

We host trainings for the employees and support the operations team during the interim phase.