This is about the future of companies. We make cloud holistic, systemic and sustainable to help organizations reach their full potential. Accelerating your processes. Launching new applications.
Scaling your business. And entering completely new business fields.

Always keeping an eye on the big picture. And the detail.

Dominik Rieder

We know what we are doing because we do it every day. Ever since the cloud came into existence.

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Managed Services


It’s not bad if your business is not focused on cloud native. But it could get bad if it stays that way. Wherever you are on your journey we will help you to get into the cloud, to harness the potential of multi-cloud solutions and to master secure operations.

We have been in cloud computing since 2010. That’s a wealth of experience and expertise that makes us an internationally sought-after technology partner. In all aspects of cloud computing from consulting to managed service.

At whatever stage you happen to be right now, we'll take you on a quantum leap.

What we do

Create 15 exabytes of backup space to back up 5 exabytes of main storage.

Equivalent to 671,088,640 MacBooks, assuming 16 GB of main memory each.